Our Program

Medical Degree

Duration: 6 Years

Kursk State Medical University (KSMU) offers a general medicine program. The medical degree, which is designed to meet the General Medical Council’s expectations. The curriculum offers a six-year program and the graduates will receive a Degree in General Medicine, Doctor of Medicine, Physician in General Medicine which is equivalent to a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree.

Pharmaceutical Degree

Duration: 5 Years

The faculty prepares the students for careers in pharmacy with a thorough understanding of drugs and diseases. The curriculum promotes interaction between pharmacists and other health professionals. The pharmacy curriculum offers a professional five-year program.

Dentistry Degree

Duration: 5 Years

The faculty offers a five-year program of Dentistry. The teaching-learning process is meant to emphasise the development of practical competence. Careful attention is given to developing the students’ personalities and work habits, stressing personal skills that are critical factors for successful careers.

Clinical Psychology Degree

Duration: 5.5 Years

A clinical psychologist is an exciting profession for those who dream of helping people in difficult life situations, overcoming stress, and preventing severe mental disorders. Clinical psychology is one of the leading and most intensively developing areas of modern psychology. Its central goal is to provide conditions for harmonising cognitive development, increasing adaptive capabilities and stress resistance of a person, mobilising his mental resources to overcome critical life circumstances.

Economy Degree

Duration: 4 Years

The aim of the bachelor’s degree in Economics is the training of highly qualified professionals in economics. A unique feature of the movement is the combination of classical economic education with the study of KSMU. The leading professional educational program implemented by the KSMU in the direction of training Economics degree: Economics in healthcare institutions is a system of documents developed and approved by the KSMU taking into account labour market requirements based on Federal State Educational Standard of Higher Education, approved by order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

Management Degree

Duration: 4 Years

The leading professional educational program of the undergraduate program, “Management” (profile “Management in Healthcare”), implemented at the Kursk State Medical University, is a complex of essential characteristics of education (volume, content, planned results), organisational and pedagogical conditions, forms of certification, which is presented in the form of a curriculum, calendar curriculum, work programs of disciplines (modules), programs of practice, as well as assessment and methodological materials fishing Other components are included in the educational program by decision of the organisation. The leading professional educational program of the undergraduate “Management” (profile “Management in healthcare”) was developed taking into account the requirements of the regional labour market based on the federal state educational standard in the direction of preparation “Management” (undergraduate level), approved by order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

Degree in Biotechnology

Duration: 4 Years

The main types of professional activity:

  1. Development, production and certification of medicines and biologically active drugs and medical devices.
  2. Modeling and obtaining medical and cosmetic products based on living objects (including sports cosmetics and dietary supplements for sports nutrition).
  3. Biotechnology of plant organisms.
  4. Ecobiotechnology. 
  5. Medical applied biotechnology (biotechnology of reproduction and correction of embryonic development, cell biotechnology, gene, cell and tissue therapy; biotechnology in transplantology).
  6. Quality management of biotechnological research and production.

Degree in Social Work

Duration: 4 Years

During the preparation period, the future Social Worker study:

  • personality development in different conditions and at all age stages;
  • the specifics of the formation of relations in society;
  • ecological, demographic, social and pedagogical characteristics of the human microenvironment;
  • forms and methods of social work with the family, various groups and categories of the population;
  • functions, rights and obligations of the state in relation to the family and the individual;
  • modern social policy;
  • the basics of labor law and family law; diagnosis of the patient’s personality and its microenvironment; skills in mathematical analysis and social work programming;
  • social worker ethics; and much more.

Biotechnology – Master

Duration: 2 Years

Among the most important skills that master’s biotechnologies acquire are: 

  • a comprehensive study of the parameters of the technological process in the context of their compliance with scientific projects and developments; 
  • the creation of real research programs; 
  • monitoring, which allows developing fundamentally new ways of producing biotechnological products; 
  • isolation, definition, classification and study of biotransformation and biosynthesis products; 
  • creation and production of new strains producing biological preparations; 
  • development of packaging and form of biological products and determination of the most effective methods of their use; 
  • satisfaction of the requirements of consumers and customers in the field of technological processes and analysis methods; 
  • analysis of regular parameters of the biosynthesis process, the mutual influence of microorganisms, cells and viruses on each other; 
  • theoretical modeling; 
  • mathematical description and testing of physical and biological and kinetics; 
  • design of sketches, prototypes and work units in modern biotechnological production. 

Industrial Pharmacy – Master

Duration: 2 Years

During the training, students receive theoretical and practical training in the field of organization, planning and management of existing pharmaceutical, chemical-pharmaceutical, biotechnological processes and production.

The program includes:

  • the development of skills in the development of scientific and technical documentation and technological regulations for the production of pharmaceutical substances and finished dosage forms;
  • implementation of pharmaceutical and chemical-pharmaceutical processes and production, in accordance with compliance with legislative and regulatory national and international acts;
  • organization and conduct of quality control of raw materials, intermediate products and finished products. Through the organization of basic departments, students have the opportunity to undergo practical training and internships at industrial facilities of partner organizations.

Pre-University (Pre-Medicine) Program

Duration: 2 Years

KSMU undergoes the post-graduate program as well, to offer graduates applicants to further their studies.

Pre-University (Pre-Medicine) Program

Duration: 7 to 12 months

KSMU provides the opportunity for the students with O-Level qualifications or A-Level with low marks to proceed towards the Undergraduate program by enrolling on the Pre-University program joined with UK awarding Body in PRE-U Foundation Studies. The duration of this course is 7 to 12 months and will prepare you for further studies at KSMU.